Thursday, 7 August 2008

Topic in August - Back to Schools

I miss my school dates. It should be summer holidays in HK now and children are going back to school in a few weeks.
Every year in this period, I would be looking forward to my next school year. I was eager to know what I was going to learn and tried to go through my new books.

If you have any items for school children / youth, please submit them to us ~

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Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

What an awesome blog! =D I thought I would send this as it seemed appropriate?;

"Zen-to-Go" portable Zen Garden -

My first born went to college this last week - I miss him! But he took one of these to help him relax and stay calm and focused - He says it's working! =D So I offer it to all who have a challenging school year ahead =D
Hope you like it!